In late 2017, Matthew Sims met his friend Lucas Yochum in a coffee shop (Gelateria Del Leone, no less) with a simple idea for a podcast/internet show: Let's research, explore, and talk about St. Louis from two everyday residents.

Being in a city older than the United States itself, we have a rich history of innovation, success and triumphs here in St. Louis. We also are a city of shameful deeds, systemic racism, and other horrors that continue to shape us.

It quickly became clear that many of the topics we were considering exploring are complicated and detailed. A radio show or podcast is an ideal format to present what we've discovered in our research, learned from our interviews, and the final reflections we have on the subjects we explore.

We enjoy public radio and local news from the Post-Dispatch, STL American, Riverfront Times, and more. We are not a substitute for any of those. We are, however, curious individuals who aren't satisfied with just one article or a simple take on any local subject, such as ShotSpotter. We’re interested in seeing how much two individuals can learn by using elements of journalism, storytelling, researching, music composition, and sound design. Even if it means interviewing the mysterious Moneypig.

You can expect episodes roughly once a month but may take significantly longer depending on the complexity or depth of the material.

We also love to collaborate, share ideas and discuss St. Louis in general. Reach out to us in the contact forum below, on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Matthew Sims

Producer, Co-Host, Co-Writer, Audio Guy, Sometimes Musician

I guide Blinders Off, handle all post-production audio duties (sound design, mixing, editing) and write some music for the show when necessary. I help out with research, conduct interviews, and relentlessly ask anyone I meet what they want to learn about St. Louis. I’ve moved over 25 times, but call St. Louis home. When I'm not doing the podcast, I'm working on freelance audio and music.

Lucas Yochum

Producer, Co-Host, Co-Writer, Researcher, Blogger

I am a St. Louis native with a background in journalism.  For Blinders Off I work mostly on interviews, research, writing, and social media. These duties play to my strengths; I love diving deeply into esoteric or obscure subjects, and have a nearly photographic memory.  When not obsessively pursuing the details of St. Louis history and culture, I enjoy photography and digital art.  

Contact us for feedback on the show, general questions, sponsorship opportunities, information on podcast classes, and more! We’d love to hear from you.

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