A Forgotten Monument by Matthew Sims

First off, we want to thank everyone for listening to our most recent episode, STL Stop.  Also, if you haven't a chance to do so, you should go listen to our interview on the Conversations with Calcaterra podcast.  (Follow this link to the interview!)

Spring has sprung...allegedly.  You'd have a hard time knowing that given that it hasn't gotten above 55 degrees in several days.  But once the weather breaks, we'll all be tempted to head outdoors.  Forest Park will be one of the first places many of us head towards, and for good reason.  Lush green landscape, plenty of shady places to rest, and so much history!

But not many people are likely to say "I should go spend some time at the Friedrich Jahn Memorial!" 

But I think you should go check it out.   This monument sits below Art Hill, across the street from the St. Louis Zoo. It's should be hard to miss: 41 feet long, covered in black granite and bronze.  The bearded fellow in the center is Jahn himself.  Born in August of 1778, Friedrich Jahn is considered by many to be a founder of Gymnastics in Germany.  The monument has undergone multiple restorations over the last 40 years (most recently in 2014) and sits as seemingly overlooked monument in the city.  To be fair, it has heavy competition.  There are more than 20 monuments in Forest Park alone, not to mention Art Museum itself.

So once it's a little less damp out, do yourself a favor?  Go for a walk.  If you are curious, go take a look at Forest Park Statues & Monuments and maybe make an afternoon of seeing your new favorite pieces of public art.

- Lucas

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Introducing.... by Matthew Sims

Welcome to the official blog of Blinders Off, a show about St. Louis. 

My name is Lucas Yochum.  I am the co-writer/co-researcher for the show, and along with my creative partner, Matt Sims, I strive to tell the stories of our city, warts and all.  With the website going live, we wanted to talk for a second about the future of the show. 

TL;DR - We have a lot coming.

Matt and I keep an ever-expanding list of ideas for episodes.  At this time, it's not written in stone.  We're always looking to hear from our listeners regarding what they'd like to learn more about.  We are always excited to hear about new angles to the established narrative, and more than happy to dive into the minutiae that makes a place worth knowing. 

Much of the fuel for this show is curiosity.  Personally I have always found the "need to know" to be a profound motivator.  You have to stop and consider yourself lucky that we live in a time period (and honestly, a place) that has such an allowance for free exploration.  Furthermore, we've been very lucky thus far in that so many people have been willing to be interviewed. 

And that's what it's all about, isn't it?  A city is more than the geography and the architecture.  The people make St. Louis, and for every inhabitant there is a story to tell.  Hopefully, some day, we'll get to hear all about yours.

Matt and I hope you enjoy our show, this website, and our blog.  We hope to keep it regularly updated with personal insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and commentary on local events.  This is a labor of love, one we happily intend to keep working on.


To the future!